All Hallow’s Read Gift Guide

Here at Matter Deep Publishing, we’re big fans of Neil Gaiman’s new Halloween tradition: All Hallow’s Read. In case you can’t watch the video, the concept is simple. Gift someone a scary or spooky book for Halloween. That’s it. We do ours as part of a Halloween book swap, but you might just want to give a book to someone you love.

Our Spooky Books


Synergeist: The Haunted Cubicle

After dying at work on a Saturday, Millicent Able finds herself haunting her drab little cubicle. With no white light for Millie to walk towards, there are only the songs of creation and chaos, calling her to choose. Limited by her extra-corporeal state, Millie reaches out to Martin, a quiet engineer who caught her fancy in life.

Mergers, outsourcing, and downsizing threaten his livelihood, but for Millie, who depends on the objects in her cubical to survive, it could mean oblivion. As an all-consuming entity threatens their world, she must choose between existence and purpose. But can Millie have any real kind of life beyond the beige box?

Find out why 27+ Reviewers on Amazon give it 4.6 stars!


Mars 01

Jupiter is screaming. When Mars 01 is bombarded by panicked transmissions from the outer colonies, the United Terran Nations prepares for war. By the fastest known means of interplanetary travel, the enemy should be months away, but should and known don’t apply when these strange creatures don’t appear on video feeds and can survive unprotected in the void of space.

The nations of the UTN do nothing but posture and bicker for political gain as the Earthers prepare for an invasion. Unsupported, Captain Sara Moore prepares her crew to defend itself in the face of annihilation. Abandoned by Earth, it becomes clear that the people of Mars are just pawns in a much bigger game.

It’s like if Battlestar Galactica and Doom Metal had a baby, and that baby was a vampire.



Kissing Corpses

Kissing Corpses starts as a vampire romance, but quickly spirals into a suspense horror novel. Kendall Harker thinks she’s met Mr. Perfect when a stranger, Rawdon Hale, rescues her from a possibly deadly mugging. Her new beau looks good on paper, but soon Kendall discovers that he is hiding a terrible secret: he’s a vampire. When Rawdon decides that he wants to turn Kendall into a creature of the night, Kendall isn’t given much choice. She must reach out for help from a rude and callous vampire hunter who only cares about his catch and has no interest in Kendall’s well-being.

There’s a reason the monster never gets the girl. 

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