Author: Will Rankeillor & Carly Strickland
Illustrators: The Electric Keychain Collective (Carly Strickland, Jessie Wright, Tatiana Dengo, Julia Dianne Marshall, Karen Swartz, Jacqueline Yu, and Arielle Katarina)
Release Date: November 27, 2012
10″ x 8″
38 Pages
ISBN-10: 1480286036
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Awesome Like a Possum

Awesome Like a Possum is a picture book illustrated by the Electric Keychain Collective. You can visit their site here.
A well spoken alligator contemplates whether it would be more fun to be someone else. A pharaoh sparrow, or a steampunk skunk perhaps? Possums are awesome, moose are footloose, but as our alligator decides, it’s always better to be your magnificent self. Awesome Like a Possum is drawn by the seven different artists that make up The Electric Keychain Collective.


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