Release Date: June- November 2015
44 Pages
Kindle ASIN: B017CCZU1M
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Olympia Heights: Give Up the Ghost

Olympia Heights: Give Up the Ghost is the second issue in the Olympia Heights comic series. The comic series is an alternate universe retelling of the novels with new Olympians, new Titans, and all new adventures. You don’t have to have read the novels to jump right in to the comic.

Give Up the Ghost is a solo adventure starring Peter Hadley, the modern Hades. In this issue, Peter Hadley reaches out for help as his situation at home worsens. Life is hard enough for Peter, and it doesn’t become any easier when he begins to see strange apparitions. Give Up the Ghost follows a plot that runs parallel to the story of the previous issue. It wrapped online in November of 2015.

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