Author: Dan Strickland
Release Date: September 19, 2015
8″ x 5.2″
214 Pages
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The Haunted Cubicle

After dying at work on a Saturday, Millicent Able finds herself haunting her drab little cubicle. With no white light for Millie to walk towards, there are only the songs of creation and chaos, calling her to choose. Limited by her extra-corporeal state, Millie reaches out to Martin, a quiet engineer who caught her fancy in life.

Mergers, outsourcing, and downsizing threaten his livelihood, but for Millie, who depends on the objects in her cubicle to survive, it could mean oblivion. As an all-consuming entity threatens their world, she must choose between existence and purpose. But can Millie have any real kind of life beyond the beige box?