Release Date: April 2017
58 Pages
ISBN-10: 1939613191

Zap Pronto Junior

Zap Pronto Junior is a royalty free play for middle and high school ages. It’s a zany farce that’s a mash-up of an old Flash Gordon episode and a Shakespearean comedy. The make up and size of cast is flexible. The minimum cast is 8 (3M, 2F, and 3M/F). The maximum based on named parts is 15. Minimal set is required. The run time is approximately 65 minutes. Can Zap Pronto and Gale save the Earth from the maniacal machinations of the evil Emperor from the planet Pergo? Will the Emperor avoid the family tradition of regicide? Can a recent graduate with a philosophy degree find a decent job? Tune in and find out. Zap Pronto is a comic take on retro science fiction classics like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, with bits from classic comedy, lots of sci fi pop culture references, and fantastic gizmos.

Printable monologues for competition and class work available here.