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Zap Pronto Monologues

Zap Pronto Monologues

Our royalty-free play Zap Pronto Junior is a classic sci-fi spoof set in the vast reaches of space on the planet Pergo. Zap Pronto, the famed earthen sports hero, and Gale Ardent, a reporter, take off on a mission to find the source of a mysterious radiation that is causing the earth to heat up. They find themselves in the clutches of the evil emperor Dung the Humorless, his evil daughter, and their incompetent minions.

You can buy Zap Pronto Junior by Dan Strickland on Amazon. 

Monologues for Men


EMO is an amphibious alien with a degree in philosophy. He and his partner, SPECK, have become split-up while searching for the earthlings that crash-landed on Pergo. Emo is a fan of earth television and wears TV-goggles that pick up transmissions from earth. He has a hard time staying focused on the task at hand, but he has a good heart and a big laser gun. He is remembering his family, but getting a little mixed-up. CRAB is a robot dog.


DUNG is the emperor of the planet Pergo. He is your classic evil overlord, but he has a soft spot for the PRINCESS, whom he calls Poopsie. The ruling family of Pergo has a nasty tradition of assassinating their predecessors, and Dung proudly waits until it is his daughter’s turn to usurp him and take the throne. In the meantime, he takes joy where he can find it, causing misery for others.

Monologues for Women


GALE is an ambitious reporter who was once editor of a high school literary journal. She is the straight-man of the show (she seems to recognize the absurdity where others don’t.) Gale has just learned that an alien force is causing the earth to heat up at a rate that will make it uninhabitable within her lifetime and is getting carried away with her own motivational speech to solve the problem. ZAP seems excited at the prospect of being one of the few men to repopulate the earth should disaster strike, but Gale isn’t going to let it get that far.

Monologues for Men OR Women


SPECK is an alien with a fiery temper and a penchant for destruction. They are a highly logical creature that is forced to partner with the emotional and impulsive EMO. Speck likes to see themself detached from emotion, but they seethe with rage and pride. Speck was once banished to a swamp before being offered a job as an evil minion for DUNG, but because of a number of mysterious disasters, Speck is not allowed to have a gun capable of the destruction they find so very, very satisfying. Speck and Emo are currently searching the the earthlings that crash-landed on Pergo.

🚗 A Strickland Family Business Trip

🚗 A Strickland Family Business Trip

This past weekend, The Strickland Family attended the Rocket City LitFest in Huntsville, AL. We spent the weekend sitting on panels about everything from world building to marketing, and our very own Amy Leigh Strickland conducted the Keynote Interview with The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson.

Browse our gallery of images from the event below. You can find the books we presented at the RCLF through the “Books” tab on our main menu. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to say hi. We hope to see you next year!

All Hallow’s Read Gift Guide

Here at Matter Deep Publishing, we’re big fans of Neil Gaiman’s new Halloween tradition: All Hallow’s Read. In case you can’t watch the video, the concept is simple. Gift someone a scary or spooky book for Halloween. That’s it. We do ours as part of a Halloween book swap, but you might just want to give a book to someone you love.

Our Spooky Books

Synergeist Cover Reveal

Synergeist Cover Reveal

Synergeist: The Haunted Cubicle is set for release on September 19. Today we’re releasing the cover, featuring a beautiful painting by Terry Strickland. Watch the trailer (below) and view a hi-res image of the cover (below that) and then read the description for the book (even further down below.)


Here’s the description:

After dying at work on a Saturday, Millicent Able finds herself haunting her drab little cubicle. With no white light for Millie to walk towards, there are only the songs of creation and chaos, calling her to choose. Limited by her extra-corporeal state, Millie reaches out to Martin, a quiet engineer who caught her fancy in life.

Mergers, outsourcing, and downsizing threaten his livelihood, but for Millie, who depends on the objects in her cubicle to survive, it could mean oblivion. As an all-consuming entity threatens their world, she must choose between existence and purpose. But can Millie have any real kind of life beyond the beige box?”


Pre-order your copy today on Kindle (special 99¢ early bird pricing) or autographed paperback.

Autographed Paperback  Buy on Kindle


Incognito Price Drop

Incognito Price Drop

For all the veracity implied by her meticulous and unflinching style, the works maintain a seductive fantasticalness and seem to dance a jig on the line between the real and the imaginary.Graham C. Boettcher, Curator of American Art, Birmingham Museum of Art

incognito-project-book They gathered and donned their costumes under the watchful eye of “The Dame”. This was no ordinary party though. The artist and the participants conspired. The guises were not simple whimsy, each were significant in their own way.  Did they conceal themselves, did they reveal true selves, become something they aspire to, or divulge some fantastic alter ego, which is more descriptive than their “true” image?

The event and the resulting 25 award-winning portraits of the guests in their guises are cleverly and beautifully documented in this high quality, limited edition art book. Photos of the event as well as writings by the artist, the participants and an assortment of other commentators, punctuate the glossy photos of the exquisite paintings. All this is wrapped up in a campy film noir theme to deliver a coffee table art book that is far more entertaining than you thought possible.

For all the veracity implied by her meticulous and unflinching style, the works maintain a seductive fantasticalness and seem to dance a jig on the line between the real and the imaginary.Daniel Maidman, The Huffington Post, Oct 2012

Get it now for only $50.


Read Ink

Read Ink

Matter Deep author Amy Leigh Strickland has started a grammar vlog on Youtube. Read Ink covers grammar and editing for fiction writers. The first two episodes, “Proofreading versus Editing” and “Direct Address” are up now. Watch the videos, and if you like what you see, subscribe and share.


Titles Coming in 2015

Titles Coming in 2015

If we’ve seemed quiet in Q1, it’s because we’re hard at work on a number of exciting things. Here is a list of our 2015 projects to-date. Other titles may be added to the list as the year progresses.

Escape OR, Major Bedloe’s Cold Iron War Machine

tbaby Amy Leigh Strickland

This steampunk novel is the sequel to Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal and part 2 of 2 in the Royer Goldhawk series. Expect a cover reveal this spring with a book release soon to follow.

Royer on Amazon and Audible

Royer on Amazon and Audible

RoyerAudoMatter Deep Publishing has its first audio book! We couldn’t be more pleased! Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal, an American steampunk adventure, was first published in paperback in May of 2013. Now you can listen to it on your media player or Kindle.

“I found myself staying up very late indeed, desperate to finish the final 200 e-book pages before the battery ran out.” -Dark Lady Reviews



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