What kinds of books do you publish?
There is no real limit to genre within the company. Matter Deep’s focus is not on specific audiences of fiction, but instead on projects we believe in. Because of who is at the head of our company, however, our tastes often tend to stray towards the supernatural and darkly comedic. We have published short fiction, Young Adult, picture books, and even a few art books.

Who does your art?
Our CBO, Carly Strickland, is our Art Director and illustrator. She’s a graduate of SCAD, and is responsible for our illustrations, cover art, and graphic design. Our CEO, Terry Strickland, is a fine art painter and pitches in with art editing and photography on occasion. (see Olympia Heights: The Pantheon cover).

Occasionally we will hire freelance artists to create covers and illustrations outside of our regular style or capability. For example, Larbesta created the illustration for the cover of Mars 01.

Adam, our company logo, was designed by Carly Strickland with input from Terry Strickland.

Where can I buy your books?
Matter Deep Publishing books are available at Amazon.com as well as through some expanded distribution channels (such as Barnes & Noble online). All text-based books will be released simultaneously or at an earlier date than physical books on the Kindle, Kobo, and Nook readers and iBooks app. Some of our books are also available now on Google Play.

Matter Deep also makes a limited number of local live appearances where visitors can buy books in person. Look for us at the Birmingham Public Library, Local Authors Conference, the Alabama Phoenix Festival as well as at library appearances throughout the central AL area, and Massachusetts. Stay up-to-date on these appearances by liking our Facebook and following our Twitter or Tumblr (or signing up for our newsletter!)

The page for each book features buy buttons along the left for every format it is available in.

Will you appear at my store/library?
We love sharing our books and publishing expertise with readers and writers! If you are located near Birmingham, AL contact us about a public appearance in your venue. Simply email a request to contact@matterdeeppublishing.com and we’ll set something up.

Can you publish my book?
At this time Matter Deep Publishing has a full roster of projects and is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

Can I get a review copy of your next book?
Yes! Kindle or iPad requests are easiest to fulfill. Simply send your request—from an official employee email or the email address posted on your blog—to contact@matterdeeppublishing.com, we will respond to you shortly. We appreciate the word of bloggers and journalists and will try to meet as many requests as possible!

Can I interview you for my blog?
Certainly! Matter Deep loves bloggers and treats them with the same respect as print journalists. Contact our CWO, Amy Strickland (astrickland (at) matterdeeppublishing (dot) com) to arrange an interview.

I can’t get off your mailing list! How do I do this?
All of our email campaigns have an unsubscribe button on the top and/or bottom of the email. Simply click that and you will be removed from our list.

What can I expect to get from your email newsletter?
Matter Deep sends occasional emails (no more than once a month) to let its subscribers know about new releases, special deals, and upcoming events. From time-to-time, especially around the holidays, we like to offer freebies and downloads to our subscribers. You can sign up here for our newsletter.