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Carly Strickland

Carly is a digital illustrator and graphic designer based in Birmingham, Alabama, and her favorite word is awesome. She is very small and probably has a complex about it. She prefers pet rats but supposes her step-cat will do. She’s art director of Matter Deep Publishing, an independent publishing company. She draws them a lot of pictures. So many pictures that she has published three children’s books since Matter Deep was launched in 2011 and has two more in the works.

Carly does not believe that vampires sparkle in the sun, an opinion she has expressed in her illustrations in Say No To Sparkles: an Illustrated Anthology, written by Kyle Strickland. Carly loves retro science fiction, Star Trek, sci-fi from the 60’s, cheesy fake rocks, and Star Trek. You can see more about her obsession inMothership Goose, a children’s book about nursery rhymes, jetpacks, and mouse mechanics.





Other Work

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